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It’s rare to find a Dr. like Dr. Aversa — he took 2+ hours with me diagnosing my Binocular Vision Dysfunction and corrected my contact prescription. I also did a follow up with Dr. Patel for my dry eye issues and she was wonderful and very thorough. I’m extremely picky when it comes to the doctors I choose to go and I highly recommend this entire team! Yes, there is an out-of-pocket cost for the binocular vision dysfunction exam, but it is extremely reasonable and well worth the time the doctor Aversa spends with you!
1 day ago
- Marla C.
Fav place
3 months ago
- Gianna D.
Been a patient for many, many years. Always a great experience. Dr. Aversa and his team are the best!!
3 months ago
- Stephanie C.
Very professional office. Ophthalmic care is excellent. Andrea, the Eye Center’s optician is always cheerful and does a great job providing top of the line eyeglasses and support services!
4 months ago
- Gordon S.
Cannot say enough about Dr Aversa and his staff. Everyone is professional, very knowledgeable and friendly. I’ve been going there for almost 20 yrs. They helped me tremendously with the unexpected. Dr Aversa saw something wrong and I thank him it! And the time spent with me to see the best in the world and in people. I’m very grateful to them.
5 months ago
- Maria A.
For many years, I had a feeling something was off with my eyesight. I've noticed I have a "lazy eye" since my 20s, and I've had intermittent headaches since I had a concussion from a car accident in my 30s. I run into things and have felt very off in my coordination. I found this clinic via a survey I took around binocular vision disorder. Dr. Aversa and the staff spent time with me properly diagnosing my vision issues. I'm now fitted with a pair of glasses that are bringing much needed relief. I appreciate deeply the help I've gotten here!
7 months ago
- Elizabeth M.
I have been trying to figure out my eye situation for over 4 years now and I went to a number of doctors who kept steering me in the wrong direction or didn't know what was wrong with me. Dr. Aversa figured out my issue and I never have had such a thorough eye exam and no doctor has listened to me the way he did. Not only did he listen, he gave me answers and hope that I can repair my eye issue. If you struggle with BVD or think you might be, please go see him!
10 months ago
- Samia M.