To improve your visual strength when playing sports, consider sports vision services by your Hasbrouck Heights eye doctor. Here at Heights Eye Center we perform sports vision testing, as well as vision training, to help you get the most out of your sports performance. If you are interested in getting sports vision testing and training, find out more about this service that we offer at Heights Eye Center.

Vision Tests for Sports Performance 

By going for a vision test you can dramatically improve your ability to see when playing sports, such as tennis, golf, baseball, or hockey. At Heights Eye Center we use a variety of vision tests to access your vision performance and capabilities. Testing is used for more than just examining the eye. It is the way we train your eyes for improved accuracy. These vision tests include the Snellen Eye Chart, contrast sensitivity testing, ocular alignment testing, and eye dominance tests. You may be applicable for one or all of these testing methods.

Common Vision Concerns for Athletes

Through sports vision testing we are able to correct the most common vision concerns that affect athletic performance. These include contrast sensitivity, in which you are unable to identify differences in background colors. This is substantial for someone who needs to keep their eye on the ball during game time.

Another concern is a loss of ocular focus. When you are unable to focus fast enough on the quick movements during a game, this can jeopardize your sporting abilities. Thankfully each of these issues can be effectively treated using sports vision methods.

Sports Vision Testing by a Optometrist

When you go for sports vision testing at your optometrist we begin with a comprehensive eye exam. This allows your optometrist Dr. James Aversa to rule out any eye diseases or vision issues that could play against you. He then identifies any weak areas where your vision could be improved. After these conditions are corrected you are ready to proceed with sports vision training.

Sports Vision Training

Once you have completed our vision tests for sports vision you are ready to begin the next step. Through sports vision training we are able to train your vision and eyes to work more efficiently. This training can be through a vision correction procedure which reduces the need for eyeglasses.

We can also provide you with eyeglasses that have special tint to increase visibility on the field. With the use of these vision correction aides we can help you see better, focus more quickly, and improve coordination. All of these skills can help you improve your game with sports, as well as life.

Contact Your Optometrist in Hasbrouck Heights

Dr. Aversa is your optometrist in Hasbrouck Heights offering sports vision testing, as well as comprehensive eye care solutions. Heights Eye Center serves the communities of Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey. To schedule your appointment for sports testing at Heights Eye Center call (201) 288-1109.