As your Hasbrouck Heights optometrist we offer comprehensive eye and vision exams at Heights Eye Center. Through an annual eye exam, Dr. James Aversa is able to detect vision problems or eye conditions early on. Vision testing also gives you peace of mind that your family’s eye care is optimal condition. Find out what you can expect when you visit Heights Eye Center for your vision exam.

Consultation with Your Optometrist in Hasbrouck Heights

When you come to your optometrist in Hasbrouck Heights for vision testing, we want you to feel at ease and comfortable. Dr. Aversa begins with a personal consultation to discuss any vision or eye issues you have been experiencing. He also takes into account your medical history, along with your family history of eye conditions.

Annual Eye Exam

Once you have completed the consultation it is time for the eye exam. The exam will include regular vision acuity tests. These include a wall eye chart and reading eye chart. We also offer advanced vision testing for detecting specific eye conditions or vision correction issues.

These are tests for color vision, peripheral vision, depth perception, eye muscle capabilities, and responsiveness to light. By performing these vision tests, Dr. Aversa can provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your eye and vision health. This is also necessary for providing you with the correct treatment methods, if applicable.

Benefits of an Annual Eye Exam

We recommend getting an annual eye exam if you have normal vision or are free of eye conditions or diseases. However, if you have vision correction needs or are at risk for eye conditions, we may recommend a bi-yearly eye exam. For example, individuals who have diabetes are more likely to suffer from glaucoma, cataracts, and diabetic retinopathy due to their medical condition.  By coming to see Dr. Aversa every six months, this allows your optometrist in Hasbrouck Heights to detect changes in your vision or eye health sooner.

Early Detection for Eye Care

By going to see an optometrist once or twice a year for an eye exam this promotes early detection. If you are suffering from eye diseases or vision issues early, detection offers you the quickest, and sometimes easiest, treatment option. Furthermore, many eye diseases can lead to vision loss. Reduce your chances of having permanent vision loss by using annual vision testing to keep a check on your optical health.

Meet Your Hasbrouck Heights Eye Doctor

Now that you understand the importance of getting an eye exam, it is time to meet your Hasbrouck Heights eye doctor. Here at Heights Eye Center, Dr. Aversa provides primary eye care for your entire family. Our eye care facility serves the areas of Hasbrouck Heights, NJ. Contact Heights Eye Center at (201) 288-1109 to schedule an eye exam or additional eye care services. We look forward to meeting you and treating your vision and eye care needs.